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Who We Are

We firmly believe that the pursuit of all these goals is in our best interests and that all our partners are our customers, employees, investors and the planet as a whole. We add value to the cargo interaction with us, with excellent services or products.

Mobilize our employees and invest more in the stock market, we express our concern, engaging our employees and investing more in the stock market we are interested in.

Our Vision
We are constantly looking for new opportunities proactively. Therefore, an important part of our vision is to attract and retain.
Our Objective
We respond to our customers’ requests for personal and professional service by offering innovative supply chain solutions.
Our Values
Procedures, values ​​and attitudes are essential to our reputation – not to mention our success.

How we do it

  • Proactive Planning – Nex Express Delivery is aware of all the sources of delay that can occur during delivery, whether on the road or in the air. We therefore plan to keep these deadlines to a minimum. Complete tracking-Using the latest tracking technology, we monitor your goods, whether on the road or in the air.
  • Reliable partners – Nex Express Delivery assesses each competitor in detail, ensuring that he has always delivered every type of item safely and quickly on all routes.
  • Ubiquitous teamwork – Nex Express Delivery believes in the strength of teamwork. That’s why we have set up a reliable working group for each step of the dissemination process

Our Engagement

We are committed to being the leading provider of logistics solutions for our customers. We are continually improving and implementing quality management to achieve this.

Coordinating successful deliveries for such a wide range of customers is not easy, but Nex Express Delivery is up to the task. Over the years, we have developed a comprehensive strategy to ensure we serve each of our clients effectively.

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We're Passionate About What We Do

At Nex Express Delivery, our team works closely together to ensure our continued success as a professional, well-established global delivery and cargo shipping company with outstanding customer satisfaction. This includes keeping up with the latest advances in technology and industry-related changes.

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We're Here For You

The demands of a healthy, fast-paced business sector led to the creation of Nex Express Delivery high-speed mail service. But it was our professional, personalized service and our emphasis on quality customer care that gave Nex Express Delivery’s Logistics Service remains loyal to its growing list of quality clients!. Nex Express Delivery offers on-time, guaranteed delivery across USA, Oceania and Europe, and around the world. Dynamic flight-linking and computer tracking of your document or parcel is how we do it!. FREE PICK-UP! For our regular customers, a telephone call brings an agent to your home or office to pick up your documents or parcels. INTERNATIONAL SERVICE Delivery times vary from two to five days, depending on destination and potential flight delays/disruptions.