Sea Freight

This is the most common mode of transportation for importers and exporters. It represents 90% of the goods transported in the world. Shipping by sea freight is complicated, however. So we set up a team that ensures that all your bases are covered – bills of lading incoterms, passing through container ships.

What are the advantages of sea/ocean freight?

Cost effective -transporting cargo containers by boat is one of the most cost-effective means of transportation. It is a management of the supply chain and important operations within a company and can help keep the price of goods competitive for end customers.

Heavy Goods – For bulky or heavy items, shipping may be the only way to move goods overseas, as airlines may limit transportation and shipping ports generally have large storage capacities.


Respect for the environment – sea freight is the most environmentally friendly form of freight transport, which can help strengthen the brand and the reputation of the company