Air Freight

We can meet all the challenges you face in transporting your freight by providing innovative ideas and ways to develop and implement solutions to accomplish your job. Our tracking systems and proactive approach to customer service provide you with timely updates on the status of your freight. These systems also provide Air Freight’s customer service teams with the tools they need to get your shipment on time and to communicate with you, the customer, in real time.

Our air freight experts are ready to help you through the shipping process, from initial quote processing with details and diligence to tracking shipment details from the origin to the final destination.

Your single point of contact will make the entire experience efficient, professional and we know that there are a large number of air cargo companies to choose from. We believe that our attention to detail provides the winning results you are looking for, which are based on air cargo rates that our experts will research and validate.

With respect to air cargo, we hope you will take advantage of it to experience our services. To learn more about available shipments, please inquire about our air charter services. For shorter distances or when flight schedules do not match your needs, you also get access to our full expedited freight service when you work with us.